Not sure if an online biz is your path? If it is, what should that even be? What about a remote job?

In our 2-month program, we'll explore alternative avenues to remote income generation. So you can finally be wherever you want and make money.

You CRAVE a life of travel and abundant experiences...but finances make you
feel trapped.


I know you have a lot of ideas and feel a bit lost navigating everything.Let’s not forget about how scary it can feel to make the move and even truly believe in yourself.GOOD NEWS: You can make money and live the life you dream of. Traveling more, long-term or relocating.WT Kickstart is designed to help you start transitioning to remote work or being self-employed.You will also be supported in your travel needs and plans to relocate or start traveling more.Together, we will set the foundations to transition and create online income stream(s), that serve your lifestyle and allow you the freedom to explore the world and live on your terms.

"I like the clear, simple and enthusiastic way that Robin talks because made me feel excited and believe that it's possible! My biggest learning was that having support along the way is important." -S.

Deep inside you want change. But how can the change even start?

You don’t know what to do yet. What you can sell…what remote job you can do. Should you do both?You are just overwhelmed by all these disconnected tips and tricks you see.On top of all this, you have to deal with external noise, telling you that the travel lifestyle you envision is crazy.You crave different.Let me tell you a secret…When you first start you need to:🔍 Get clear on the lifestyle and type of online income
💰 Build your income streams that allow for the freedom you seek
⚖️ Keep the balance to live life
BUT there is NO formula, NO one-size-fits-all all solution to creating a successful transition to earn from anywhere.You have to create your OWN path.


  • Figure out what you want: the perfect remote job (or income streams) and ideal lifestyle

  • Have a plan for your online income as customized as your Spotify list

  • Secure remote opportunities AND/OR embark on a journey to build your online empire.

  • Learn financial and budget tricks to live your dream lifestyle ANYWHERE

  • Learn to balance work & travel

  • [For those wanting to relocate] Start planning and sort out the legal stuff for your moves

Transition to Remote Work and Explore the World with

Work & Traevel Kickstart

This program is for anyone who wants to transition to online income streams to live abroad or travel more or go on a Gap Year without worrying about $$ but does not know WHAT yet

What You'll Achieve with this program

🎯 Define Your Dream: Discover the perfect remote job or income streams tailored to your passions and desires. Whether it's freelancing, remote gigs, or building your brand, we'll craft a personalized plan.
📝 Craft Your Path: Have a step-by-step roadmap to success, guiding you through every stage of your remote work journey.
💼 Remote Opportunities: 1.We'll equip you with the strategies to find and help apply to remote gigs aligned with your aspirations AND/OR 2. We will find THE idea for your business and lay the groundwork to set the stage for success.
⚖️ Balance Work & Travel: Seamlessly integrate work and travel, allowing you to savor every moment of your adventures.
💰 Master Your Finances: Learn savvy financial tips and budgeting tricks to ensure financial stability wherever you go.

HI! I’m Robin,

Mentor, Speaker, Educator and CEO of Our Connected World.I am a seasoned world traveller (44+ countries and counting) with a background in Psychology.My career ranges from start ups to top Fortune 500 companies and I have over 6 years of Marketing and Mentoring experience.I've spent over a decade being a student abroad, an expat, a nomad, a backpacker, and now an immigrant.7 years mentoring, 6 years in marketing, and 4 years fully remote later.. I am here to help you create a life that sets my soul on fire.

What they say

"I've known Robin for 6 months and I've undergone a great deal of personal growth in that time. She's incredibly supportive, intuitive, and encouraging. Not only has she helped me deal better with discomfort, but also with my fear of the unknown. I'm now travelling for the next year and still cannot believe it! She understands how to create meaning in life and to be present in the moment."

"I had the desire to travel and work remotely, but I wasn't sure where to start or how to make it happen. That's when I found Robin. I was looking for someone who successfully navigated the work and travel lifestyle and could provide guidance and advice on how to do the same. Through her mentorship, I was able to find the confidence and courage to start my journey and go abroad. I'm now able to work from anywhere in the world and finally be flexible!"

"You will learn a lot and you will receive material and information that will help you solve many doubts, especially if you feel lost and do not know how to start shaping your project and your future. She also helps you with guidance, support and emotional support in your new stage of life. Robin is an excellent coach, she accompanies you from beginning to end in your process, because she is always attentive and cares about answering all your questions even if they are more personal, because she transmits you a lot of confidence, she is a super cheerful person and it's nice to talk to her, she is a nice person."

"Robin helped me sort through the swirling vortex of ideas in my head, to find the career that spoke to me. Its actually a career that spoke to me almost a decade ago, but that pesky voice in my head said people will make fun of you so don't do it. Robin was so encouraging and excited when I shared my idea, I bounded forward and wont look back. She has provided a wealth of information not only for my coaching business, but for makreting, and other online remote jobs. Added bonus she's helping me with my Spanish so when I finally go to Mexico, I will have more confidence to speak"

"Before the coaching I felt lost, disoriented, my project did not have a plan or strategy, only many isolated ideas, not so clear or defined, in addition, I felt anxious for thinking too much and not knowing where to start and as a consequence, I procrastinated all the time. Then I worked with Robin not only on my business project, but also on emotional aspects and now I feel focused, more determined and motivated for having clarity and having drawn a plan that allows me to balance my personal and work life."

"[...] Really resonates with me and as I work through the homework, I'm already having some new ideas pop up, business ideas in particular, that I'm excited to explore deeper. Thank you Robin! I love the content and delivery and energy."


  • Lessons and resources to get to your WHAT and HOW of your aligned online income (sneak peek below)

  • Tailored feedback to exercises and questions

  • 2-month access to weekly chat support (Mon-Fri)


  • Travel and Relocation Plans Audits

  • (when remote work is part of your income streams needed)10 aligned remote job applications support

  • BONUS: Course to help you add more travels to your life...without breaking bank!

With WT Kickstart, you'll embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to work, travel, and thrive on your terms.Say yes to adventure, yes to freedom, and yes to your dream lifestyle.

Questions? DM me!